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Blog #2: Sit up straight and do it "WRITE"!
Blog #1: Here we GROW!
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Blog #2: Sit up straight and do it "WRITE"!

"Ishandwriting (aka "cursive writing") still taught in school?" 
" Why do we need to learn handwriting,
since we have computers everywhere?"
I am often asked these, and many other related questions. 
The multisensory literacy programs we teach at L.E.A.R.N. directly teach, and expects students to use, only "cursive writing".  We are not the only supporters of this form of language expression(see Montessori School guidelines).

Blog #1: Here we GROW!

SPRING has SPRUNG!  We are growing too!
Welcome to the first edition of the L.E.A.R.N. blog.
Sharing information, ideas and inspiration is the mission of our blog.  
We will also refer subscribers to presentations, workshops and conferences for parents, front-line educators, and educational professionals.
Please forward our website link to others who may be interested in topics of education.   
Until then...."L.E.A.R.
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