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Recommended Media Resources
DVD Resources:
"Dislecksia:The Movie"
by Harvey Hubbell V
" How difficult can this be?: the F.A.T. City workshop"
by Richard Lavoie
Print Resources:
"Overcoming Dyslexia"
by Sally Shaywitz
"Dislecksia: The Book" (companion to the documentary film )
by Harvey Hubbell V
"The Myth of Ability" 
 by John Mighton
"It's so much work to be your friend"
by Richard Lavoie

"The Motivation Breatkthrough"
by Richard Lavoie

"The Myth of Laziness"
by Mel Levine
International Dyslexia Association (I.D.A.): www.interdys.org
Ontario Branch of  I.D.A(ONBIDA):  www.idaontario.com
Learning Disability Association of Ontario: www.ldao.ca
Ontario Council for ExceptionalChildren: www.cecontario.ca
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