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 December 2004
We are writing this letter of appreciation for all of the services that our son Noah has received from LEARN @ HOME Education Services.
It was a relief to have you confirm that Noah hot only has learning weaknesses including dyslexia but that Noah also has learning strengths.
The information that you provided to us about Noah’s learning disabilities has provided us with a new appreciation of Noah’s every day struggle both at home and at school. We are now much better able to parent our child and to provide answers to awkward questions posed by friends and family about Noah’s learning disabilities. Most importantly, because of this information we are having much more success explaining how Noah learns to his teachers.  They have been better at accommodating Noah’s needs and much of the frustration between ourselves and Noah’s school no longer exists.
Despite some wonderful teachers and lots of effort, Noah never understood the reading strategies he was taught in the lower primary grades. By the end of grade 2, Noah hated reading and writing and he told us that- often. Noah needed a much more detailed road map to literacy than most other kids and Noah’s  instructor provided that roadmap. Noah’s instructor had him manipulate the alphabet using all of his senses. When Noah finally understood the physical order and the sounds made by each of the 26 letters of the alphabet, his tutor taught him sound by sound how to combine the letters into sylables, and how to group the syllables into words. Now we are working hard on Noah’s fluency.
Our eight-year-old son with dyslexia has, without taking a break, read a number of 40 page plus reading books without significant assistance. He is quick to volunteer to read in front of his Grade 3 classmates.
The best measure of the success we have experienced since Noah stared his sessions is summed up in four simple works "I love to read" – we never thought we would ever hear Noah say those words. We will never forget the night he said those four words to us for the first time. Now not only does Noah say those words quite often, but he is able to write them in a legible sentence with a capital and a period "to boot"!
To the team at LEARN @ HOME Education Services.: thank you very much.
Jon and Christina Quaglia
Chatham, ON
March 2005

We have a son, age 7, who was diagnosed with ADHD. After many holistic and naturopathic remedies, we turned to allopathic treatment, and give him a specific stimulant each day. Evan has struggled with his language since his toddler years, requiring intervention at age 4, which helped him to "catch up". In addition to his language delay, he also progressed poorly in school, with reading and writing being the main challenges.
At the end of Grade 1, he was assessed at a Junior Kindergarten level. Evan is a bright boy who was aware that he did not have the same abilities, in these areas, as his peers. His reaction to this situation was inappropriate attention seeking behaviour. We had Evan assessed many times and yet, even with the help of professionals, we were still unable to pinpoint a specific disability that prevented him from understanding or recognizing letters and their sounds.
At Evan’s request, we transferred him to an English school, from the French First Language one that he, along with his sister, had attended since Kindergarten. Last summer, prior to beginning Grade 2 at this new school, we engaged Andrea ofLEARN @ HOME Education Services to conduct an assessment for dyslexia. The results confirmed Evan’s lack of basic skills in phonemic awareness. His new school assessed his knowledge as 16 of the 100 words he would be required to know by the end of Grade 2.
Since September 2004 (7 months), he has spent 3 days a week, for an hour at a time, in our home, re-learning the letters of the alphabet, including their sound, shape and texture through the activities in the"Simultaneous Multisensory Teaching" program. His confidence was slow at first, but as he gained the ability to decode words, Evan began to volunteer to read aloud. Recently, the school called to tell me that his word recognition had increased to 87 out of 100 words from the same required list for Grade 2! He was one proud little boy as he received a special award.
His 1:1 time with his instructor is something he looks forward to, though that was not always the case. Because it is conducted in our own home, at the same table, on the same days, at the times each week and with the same person, Evan has built up a sense of trust that this process is working. He now selects books at school that interest him, and works at understanding their content. In seven months he has gone from little or no reading skills to independently and spontaneously reading signs, labels, newspaper captions and books at his grade level. All this in less than one year!
The most important result for Evan is that he no longer feels the need to bring negative attention upon himself. His classroom behaviour has changed from defiant to compliant.
If ever there was one program, for our child, that has well been worth the time and investment, "Simultaneous Multisensory Teaching" is it! The instructor has delivered the program in a caring, consistent manner and I have been thrilled by the results we’ve seen in such a short amount of time. I plan to have Evan continue with the program to continue to build his language skills until he his capable of being independent with grade level material.
Faye Dean
London, ON


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