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We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and interests. Our most popular products are shown below. 

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current promotions and custom options.

"CRAZY SHORTS" card game set
Based on a similar strategy as UNO, Crazy Shorts includes 5 decks of cards, each focusing on a short vowel sound, and its word family. Players ages 5+ read the word on a card, try to match the word family on the card to that of an upturned card, and then use the word correctly in a sentence. The object of the game is to discard all of the cards in your hand. It's a great family game where children can beat their parents..... as well as increase their vocabulary, practice decoding skills and improve communication and social skills. It's a WIN-WIN fun alternative to " solitary screen-time"!
Price: $25.00

Coming soon:"HANDS-ON!" game sets and cards


Triangular Eco-pencil
This excellent mechanical pencil specially designed for kids! The triangular shape ensures proper pencil grasp (pointer finger and thumb ON the pencil and middle finger UNDER the pencil) and is re-usable with replacement 1.3mm leads (sold separately in box of 12). Available in 5 bright colours with a durable eraser (replacements sold separately)
Price: $1.00
Extra Leads for Triangular Eco-pencil
This box of 12 pencil leads are for the triangular eco-pencil only and are 1.3mm size. They are not available in stores.
Price: $2.00

Replacement erasers for Triangular Eco-pencils
These erasers are for the Triangular eco-pencils only. They are priced and sold individually.
Price: $0.50
"Sparkle" eco-pencil
Reduce waste with these re-usable mechanic pencils designed for kids! A slim sparkly cylindrical pencil shaft uses .7mm leads which are more sturdy than conventional mechanical pencils. Choose from 4 dazzling colours and save a tree!
Price: $1.00
"Vivid" eco-pencil
Save a tree..... with style! These slim, cylindrical pencils are designed for small hands. The pencil uses a sturdy .7mm replaceable lead, which will last longer than conventional mechanical pencils. Choose from 6 vivid colours. Pencils are priced and sold separately.
Price: $1.00
"School days" eco-pencils
Write your work in style with these eco-friendly slim cylindrical pencils with replaceable .7mm leads. These are ideal for children's small hands and the lead is sturdier than conventional mechanical pencils. The eco-pencils come in 4 stylish "school days" designs with letters and numbers on them. Pencils are priced and sold individually. Save a tree..... and be cool at school!
Price: $1.00
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