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 What is SUCCESS?
Definitions of 'success' vary.
The most acceptable meaning is:
"the accomplishment of one's goals".

Have YOUor YOUR CHILD accomplished
the education goals you've set?

            LEARN @ HOME
Education Services 

         to take a proactive approach
         to learning by encouraging
      early intervention
        for those students who
      learn differently
                                   than most students in school.
We believe that low student-teacher ratios
 provide learning environments which are
structured, supportive of learning,
and which assist students
from 5-105 to
"LEARN to Achieve SUCCESS...@ HOME"
 in academic skills and life skills.
Assisting students individually with
1:1 instruction of
structured, systematic programs
in their homes 
the Educational Associates of
Education Services
provide consistent, constructive and fun sessions 
which encourage ALL learners to
follow our motto:
"I Love to Learn"


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