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What is SUCCESS?
Definitions of 'success' vary.
The most acceptable meaning is:
"the accomplishment of one's goals".

Have YOUor YOUR CHILD accomplished
the education goals you've set?

Education Services

to take a proactive approach
to learning by encouraging
early intervention
for those students who
learn differently
than most students in school.
We believe that low student-teacher ratios
 provide learning environments which are
structured, supportive of learning,
and which assist students
from 5-105 to
"LEARN to Achieve SUCCESS...@ HOME"
 in academic skills and life skills.
Assisting students individually with
1:1 instruction of
structured, systematic programs
in their homes or
at one of our satellite offices
the Educational Associates of
Education Services
provide consistent, constructive and fun sessions 
which encourage ALL learners to
follow our motto:
"I Love to Learn"

613-794-2651                                               Luv2Lern@Live.ca 

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