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Comprehensive, intensive training is available 
for highly motivated, experienced educators
who are passionate about successfully educating students,  
especially those with learning differences
using the highly-successful, world-renowned
Orton-Gillingham Method.

The 5 Step process of becoming an Instructor:

Step One begins with the electronic submission of a C.V.,
 including at least 3 personal and professional references 
and proof of a current "Vulnerable Persons Police Records Check".
Candidates are recommended to also have a current
CPR/First Aid Certification.

In Step Two, successful candidates will be interviewed in person 
and invited to observe aminimum of 5 instruction sessions
of current students with current instructors.

Step Threeincludes a phoneme screening test, 
 a cursive writing sample and watching in-home training DVDs.

The in-person, group training session 
in Step Four (approximately 6-8 hours) 
introduces potential Instructors
to critical material included in the
Instructor Handbook 
and offers candidates a safe environment
to practise the process of a teaching session
while receiving constructive feedback
from the trainer and other participants.

To conclude the process of becoming an Instructor, 
candidates in Step Five attend 5more instruction sessions
in which they will be involved in the process 
of instructing current students alongside current instructors.

In addition to the Instructor Handbook,
successful candidates will be provided with 
all instructional materials
on loan for the duration of their contract 
as an Instructor with LEARN @ HOME Education Services.

All student assessments/reports, family contact and consultation, 
marketing and family account administration 
will be managed by Directors,
with instructors being responsible 
solely for delivery of the 1:1 instruction sessions
and for accurate and thorough record-keeping.

A maximum of four training opportunities are available per year
at a fee of $ 500.00 + HST.

After successfully instructing students for at least a year,
Instructors may be given the opportunity
to become a Team Mentor 
in one geographic area.

Team Mentors may also have an opportunity 
to become a Director of one division 
of LEARN @ HOME Education Services
with sufficient education, experience and/or 
proven skill sets.



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