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Dyslexia is genetically inherited,
and its cause is biological.

Sufficient scientific evidence compiled
in the last ten years confirms that Dyslexia
stems from neurological causes.
An Associate Professor of Neurology at the Harvard Medical School states:
" Anatomical evidence suggests there are differences 
in the symmetry of brains of dyslexics, 
in the specific area dealing with language.

This form of symmetry indicates that 
the language areas of dyslexics
are organized differently
and that they probably 
process linguistic information differently 
as well."**
Keeping an open mind about this difference
will allow us to understand dyslexia
and to accept the evidence in recent years that
dyslexics are prodigiously talented
in a variety of areas.
** Galaburda, Albert M.(1993). Dyslexia and Development:
Neurobiological Aspects of Extra-Ordinary Brains,
Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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