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Initial Screening Consultation
Initial family consultations include a thorough review
 of the school and personal history of the child,
such as 

Formal reports from:
 Educators; Family Physicians; Neurologists;
Speech-Language Therapists; and Clinical Psychologists

as well as
anecdotal reports and observations from the family.

FREE initial screening tools are offered to the family, which include:
1)   "D.D.T. - Dyslexia Determination Test"  (ages 8-18)

2)  "A.D.T. - Adult Dyslexia Test"   (ages 18+)

3)  "Dyslexia Test for First-Graders"   (ages 6-7)

4)  "Pre-Dyslexia Determination Test"  (ages 4-5) 

For an additional fee, a formal assessment can be completed:
5)  "C.T.O.P.P -Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing". 
These screening tools may determine the type and severity of challenges
experienced by a person with a dyslexic profile.
These screening tools cannot provide a formal diagnosis of dyslexia.
The medical diagnosis of dyslexia can only be made  by a medical professional.
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